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Drain Down Cover

Drain Down Cover Newcastle, Sunderland & Durham

When blocked drains or guttering is the cause of flooding and damage to your property, it can cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds to resolve. A far better solution is to regularly have your gutters cleaned, and your drains cleared throughout the year, to prevent blockages. We are proud to offer our Drain Down Cover service in Newcastle, Sunderland & Durham to give you peace of mind throughout the year.

What is included in the service?

Our Drain Down Cover service includes everything you need to keep your drains and gutters clear and in full working condition throughout the year:

  • Annual gutter clearing
  • Annual drain clearance and cleaning
  • All pipes flushed out and cleaned
  • Flood testing
  • Maintenance survey report
  • Unlimited free callouts
  • 25% discount on gutter and drain repair work

How must does it cost?

You can pay for your annual cover by clicking on the link.

We provide our Drain Down Cover services across the North East, so if you’re interested in our services, please get in touch and we will issue you a bespoke quote based on the work required to service your home.