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After Installation

Once our experts have installed the Dryzone or Dryrods course, it’s time to let it work its way through the damp and dry it out. If you are planning to carry out any redecoration work, it’s best to delay all such work until the damp has completely dried out.

The longer the timeframe available for drying, the better value you derive from the damp proofing course. If you cannot wait to redecorate, we recommend Dryzone Express Replastering System, which makes it possible to apply the plasterboard immediately.

Ensure appropriate ventilation around the wall.


So how many days should you wait after installation before carrying out with the redecoration work?

The industry accepted drying rate is one month for 25mm of wall thickness. So a wall of 200mm thickness will take approximately 8 months to dry. But this could vary depending on the ventilation, environmental condition and the kind of masonry in the wall.

You must consider re-plastering your wall as damp treatments usually do not undo the salt and moisture contamination that occurred to the plaster before the treatment.

If re-plastering is not needed or it’s not possible for you to use the Dryzone Express Replastering System, you must delay decoration for at least six weeks after the course has been installed. Avoid applying wallpaper for a minimum of 12 months, and perhaps longer for thicker walls.

Speak to us today if you would like to know more about our damp proofing services.