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Identifying, Repairing & Protecting Against Damp

June 27, 2017 - by Tony Earnshaw

Damp problems in the home can leave a room feeling cold, result in health problems and indicate structural problems in the fabric of the building. That’s why it pays to identify, repair and protect against damp as quickly as possible.

How to Spot Damp and What to do About it

Does your wall feel damp and cold, is the paint flaking or wallpaper peeling? Then the chances are you have a damp problem. You may also see black speckles of mould on walls and ceilings and discoloured patches, especially near the chimney breast. Black mould can also grow on grout and sealant, inside damp curtains and on window sills, especially where there are high levels of condensation. A damp and musty smell in cupboards or basements is usually a sure sign that you have a damp problem.

There are four major causes of damp: lack of ventilation, penetrating damp, rising damp and leaking plumbing. You can remove excess moisture and reduce condensation by using a dehumidifier and a window vacuum, using moisture resistant decorative finishes and ensuring your home is well ventilated. This can be as simple as opening the windows. However, penetrative and rising damp are best treated by professionals like UK Property Preservation, who provide full damp proofing services.

Once you’ve dealt with the problem, treat grout, sealant and paintwork with a mould removing spray. Then redecorate (after first applying a stain blocker) and remove and reseal areas affected by damp.

Stopping Damp and Mould from Penetrating Your House

Your number one defence against damp and mould is a proper programme of regular household maintenance. Check the roof, keep the gutters clean and make a note of any repairs that need to be done and either do them yourself or employ the professionals.

If you need help with a damp issue then contact UK Property Preservation and we’ll be happy to help you protect your home.

Tony Earnshaw

At the age of 19 Tony took over a small window cleaning business and was able to sell the business for £16,000, he now owns UK Property Preservation and the other UK Commercial Group businesses.

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