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How to Tell when it's Time to Replace your Gutters

May 24, 2017 - by Tony Earnshaw

A maintained guttering system will have a long and useful life, but nothing lasts forever. Guttering that has reached the end of its life will show some telltale signs of being no longer fit for purpose. So how can you tell when you need a gutter replacement company?

Look Out for Cracking and Clogging

Cracks in your gutters are a sure sign they need replacing because water will now be able to leak through the fissures and into your home. Don’t dismiss small cracks and don’t discount cracking because you haven’t seen any signs of water damage in your property. The longer you leave them unreplaced, the worse the damage will be.

If your gutters seem to be clogged and you’re pretty certain it’s not just a few leaves, you may need to ask a professional to take a look, as this might suggest the gutters have become misaligned. Another sign to look out for is mildew or damp patches beneath the gutters, as this is a sure indication that they are leaking and causing damage to the fabric of your property.

Likewise, signs of rust on a cast iron gutter indicate that the structure is now corroded and weakened, and susceptible to damage and breakage. You may also notice that your paintwork is cracking and peeling and tinged with red, a sure indicator of faulty guttering.

Are Your Gutters Sagging?

If your gutters appear to be sagging then several things may have happened. The gutter hangers may have perished, or heavy rainfall and ice may have have caused the gutter to bend and the joints to pull apart.

It is possible to repair sagging guttering, but if the problem persists your entire guttering system may need an overhaul as it may simply no longer be capable of dealing with the amount of rainwater.

If you think that you need gutter replacement services, then get in touch with gutter experts, UK Property Preservation – who would be happy to help with any problems you may have.

Tony Earnshaw

At the age of 19 Tony took over a small window cleaning business and was able to sell the business for £16,000, he now owns UK Property Preservation and the other UK Commercial Group businesses.

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